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Catalogue IDArtistTitleLabelDateTypeView
ANT 001not released?Antler
ANT 002Siglo XXThe Art Of WarAntler1982Singleview icon
ANT 003The SinglesEasy To DoAntler1982Singleview icon
ANT 0042 BelgenQuand Le Film Est TristeAntler1982Singleview icon
ANT 005Special Single PackageThe Last DanceAntler1982Singleview icon
ANT 006Tank Of Danzig | Biting TonguesTank Of Danzig - Biting TonguesAntler1982Singleview icon
ANT 0072 Belgen2 BelgenAntler1982Albumview icon
ANT 008Exq'sRis'xAntler1982Singleview icon
ANT 009The Neon JudgementFactory WalkAntler1982Singleview icon
ANT 010Nacht Und NebelCasablancaAntler1982Singleview icon
ANT 0112 BelgenThe Third From The Left In The Top RowAntler1982Singleview icon
ANT 0122 BelgenMustaphaAntler1983Singleview icon
ANT 013Siglo XXAnswerAntler1983Albumview icon
ANT 0141000 OhmYou LoseAntler1983Singleview icon
ANT 015The EmployeesPlay With FireAntler1983Singleview icon
ANT 016Gwenno2 (Downtown)Antler1983Singleview icon
ANT 017Nacht Und NebelZafariAntler1983Singleview icon
ANT 018Suns Of ArqaG. D. MagickAntler1983Singleview icon
ANT 019Affairs Of The HeartWaterloo SunsetAntler1983Singleview icon
ANT 020Siglo XXDreams Of PleasureAntler1983Singleview icon
ANT 021Nacht Und NebelBeats Of LoveAntler1983Albumview icon
ANT 0222 BelgenSoulsmaskingAntler1983Albumview icon
ANT 0232 BelgenCall MeAntler1984Singleview icon
ANT 024Suns Of ArqaWadada MagicAntler1983Albumview icon
ANT 025Nacht Und NebelBeats Of LoveAntler1983Singleview icon
ANT 026Feso TromboneFreedom TrainAntler1984Albumview icon
ANT 027Chow ChowHideAntler1984Albumview icon
ANT 028Various ArtistsA From AntlerAntler1984Albumview icon
ANT 029Kid MontanaRevisiting YaltaAntler1984Singleview icon
ANT 030Tank Of DanzigDon't Stop The MusicAntler1984Albumview icon
ANT 031Siglo XXDubbel AlbumAntler1984Albumview icon
ANT 032Patrick NebelTable For TwoAntler1985Singleview icon
ANT 033Starvin Marvin And The Paranoid AndroidsUntitledAntler1985Albumview icon
ANT 034Chow ChowThis Is About LoveAntler1984Singleview icon
ANT 035S.O.A. BandChamps ElyseesAntler1984Singleview icon
ANT 036Siglo XXRe-Released '80-'82Antler1985Albumview icon
ANT 037Alien Sex FiendMaximum SecurityAntler1985Albumview icon
ANT 038PartisanBoogaloo In YazazooAntler1985Singleview icon
ANT 039PartisanBoogaloo In YazazooAntler1985Singleview icon
ANT 040Poésie NoireHum And HawAntler1986Albumview icon
ANT 041The MasaiBoogiemanAntler1986Singleview icon
ANT 042Siglo XXIt's All Over NowAntler1986Singleview icon
ANT 043Poésie NoireStarvation Of A MindAntler1986Singleview icon
ANT 044Mijn-AlarmMijn-AlarmAntler1986Singleview icon
ANT 045The MasaiYou're The One (Remix)Antler1986Singleview icon
ANT 046A Split SecondFleshAntlerNov 1986Singleview icon
ANT 047Noh RodeoCool 'n GroovyAntler1986Albumview icon
ANT 048Alien Sex FiendItAntler1986Albumview icon
ANT 0492 BelgenSweet And SourAntler1986Albumview icon
ANT 050KlinikPain And PleasureAntler1986Singleview icon
ANT 051A Noh RodeoInsaneAntler1986Singleview icon
ANT 052Poésie NoireRadioactive FloodAntler1987Singleview icon
ANT 053Poésie NoireTales Of DoomAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 054A Split SecondBallistic StatuesAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 055The Passion Of A PrimitifSongs From The Ant-HillAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 056KlinikMelting Close + SabotageAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 057The SlumbersScream And ShoutAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 058KlinikFearAntler1987Singleview icon
ANT 059The MasaiTonightAntler1987Singleview icon
ANT 060A Split SecondRigor MortisAntlerJun 1987Singleview icon
ANT 061A Split SecondRigor MortisAntlerJun 1987Singleview icon
ANT 062Poésie NoireTimberAntlerOct 1987Singleview icon
ANT 063Sigmund und Sein FreundSecretAntler1987Singleview icon
ANT 064Sigmund und Sein FreundSacredAntler1987Singleview icon
ANT 065KlinikPlagueAntlerOct 1987Albumview icon
ANT 066The MasaiCaptured By Cpt RockAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 067Alien Sex FiendHere Cum GermsAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 068A Split SecondSmell Of BuddhaAntlerOct 1987Singleview icon
ANT 069ChayellIt's Never Too HotAntler1987Singleview icon
ANT 070Men 2ndRed TapeAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 071Various ArtistsOne Of A Number, Part Of A WholeAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 072The DentistsBeer Bottle And Bannister Symphonies: A Collection Of Some Of The Finer Moments Of DentistryAntler1988Albumview icon
ANT 073Company Of StateDrowning In FireAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 074Poésie NoireTetraAntlerFeb 1988Albumview icon
ANT 075Sigmund und Sein FreundSee Emily PlayAntler1988Albumview icon
ANT 076A Split SecondScandinavian BellydanceAntlerApr 1988Singleview icon
ANT 077The DentistsThe Fun Has ArrivedAntler1988Singleview icon
ANT 078AttritionAt The Fiftieth GateAntlerApr 1988Albumview icon
ANT 079Men 2ndThe Antibody SongsAntler1988Albumview icon
ANT 080Snowy RedTreat Me / EuroshimaAntler1988Singleview icon
ANT 081KlinikThe KlinikAntler1988Albumview icon
ANT 082Poésie NoireExistential Despair, Metaphysical Distress, Ontological Ungludation And Cosmic MeltdownAntlerJun 1988Albumview icon
ANT 083Snowy RedI'm AllrightAntler1988Singleview icon
ANT 084In Sotto VoceIAntler1988Singleview icon
ANT 085Company Of StateMetal MoveAntler1988Singleview icon
ANT 086Adult Fantasies8 Neo-Pathetic ScenesAntler1988Albumview icon
ANT 087Siglo XXAntler Tracks IAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 088A Split SecondMambo WitchAntlerOct 1988Singleview icon
ANT 089AttritionHaydnAntlerOct 1988Singleview icon
ANT 090A Split SecondFleshAntlerDec 1988Singleview icon
ANT 091KlinikFeverAntlerOct 1988Singleview icon
ANT 092Poésie NoireEn Grande Colere (Seven Tales Of Schizophrenia)AntlerJan 1989Albumview icon
ANT 093Sigmund und Sein FreundInnateAntler1988Singleview icon
ANT 094Suns Of ArqaGovinda's HouseAntler1988Singleview icon
ANT 095Niki MonoDauda & The CrowAntler1988Singleview icon
ANT 096KlinikFace To FaceAntlerDec 1988Albumview icon
ANT 097Sigmund und Sein FreundGlory To The Newborn KingAntler1988Singleview icon
ANT 098Snowy RedThe Compilation 1980 - 1984Antler1988Albumview icon
ANT 099Poésie NoirePoesie NoireAntler1988Albumview icon
ANT 100A Split SecondThe Colosseum CrashAntlerApr 1989Singleview icon
ANT 101AttritionTurn To GoldAntlerApr 1989Singleview icon
ANT 102In Sotto VoceIIAntler1989Singleview icon
ANT 103Poésie NoirePity For The Self Or We'll Teach You To DanceAntler1989Singleview icon
ANT 104Suns Of ArqaJaggernautAntler1989Singleview icon
ANT 105AttritionHaydn (The Final Session)Antler1989Singleview icon
ANT 106A Split SecondAnother Violent Breed (The Live Versions)AntlerJul 1989Singleview icon
ANT 107ChayellPokerAntler1989Singleview icon
ANT 108Niki MonoBaby's On FireAntler1989Singleview icon
ANT 109Poésie NoireEn Grande Colere / Pity For The SelfAntler1989Albumview icon
ANT 110Carol & Snowy RedBreakdownAntler1989Singleview icon
ANT 111Various ArtistsWorld Of Electronic Body MusicAntler1989Albumview icon
ANT 112Niki MonoContradictions Are A LuxuryAntler1989Albumview icon
ANT 113Sigmund und Sein FreundLove Lust LeaveAntler1989Albumview icon
ANT 114Siglo XXAntler Tracks IIAntler1987Albumview icon
ANT 116Snowy RedThe Beat Is OverAntler1989Singleview icon
ANT 117In Sotto VoceTracksAntler1989Albumview icon
ANT 118ConsolidatedConsolidated!Antler1989Albumview icon
AS 5001Noise UnitGrinding Into EmptinessAntler Subway1989Albumview icon
AS 5002Noise UnitDeceitAntler Subway1989Singleview icon
AS 5003Nostromo Dept.EvolutionAntler Subway1989Albumview icon
AS 5004Various ArtistsTechnopolisAntler Subway1989Albumview icon
AS 5005Poésie NoireTaste Of CandyAntler Subway1989Singleview icon
AS 5006Poésie NoireLove Is Colder Than DeathAntler Subway1989Albumview icon
AS 5007The ArchStay LayAntler Subway1989Singleview icon
AS 5008The ArchThe Messier AlbumAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5009KlinikBoxAntler Subway1989Albumview icon
AS 5010Fatal MorganaI BelieveAntler Subway1989Singleview icon
AS 5011Tilt!MercilessAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5012A Split SecondFirewalkerAntler SubwayMar 1990Singleview icon
AS 5013A Split SecondBacklashAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5014A Split SecondKiss Of FuryAntler SubwayApr 1990Albumview icon
AS 5015Voltage ControlForce D'InquisitionAntler Subway1990Singleview icon
AS 5016ParaZenteseAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5017Boris MikulicHereseyAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5018KlinikBlack LeatherAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5019The OverlordsMoontrapAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5020Code IndustryMethod Of AssemblyAntler SubwaySep 1990Albumview icon
AS 5021Poésie NoireOblivionAntler Subway1990Singleview icon
AS 5022ConsolidatedThe Myth Of RockAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5023Tilt!Aliens & OrgasmsAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5024Poésie NoireComplicated 84-89Antler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5025A Split SecondIntroversion - Lay Back And JoinAntler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5026Black UhuruReggae RockAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5027My Jealous GodEverything About YouAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5028Noise UnitAgitateAntler Subway1990Singleview icon
AS 5029Noise UnitResponse FrequencyAntler SubwayNov 1990Albumview icon
AS 5030The OverlordsOrganicAntler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5031The ArchRibdancerAntler Subway1991Singleview icon
AS 5032Lone Star & The Sprout Head UprisingsameAntler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5033Fatal MorganaAttentionAntler Subway1990Singleview icon
AS 5034Fatal MorganaThe Destructive SolutionAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5035ShaktiShakti Featuring Jade 4 UAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5036Various ArtistsAnother World: Electronic Body MusicAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5037What'sRevolutionAntler Subway1990Albumview icon
AS 5038Poésie NoireToulouseAntler Subway1990Singleview icon
AS 5039Poésie NoireMarianneAntler SubwayApr 1991Albumview icon
AS 5040KlinikTimeAntler SubwayNov 1990Albumview icon
AS 5041Boris MikulicBreak FreeAntler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5042A Split SecondThe Parallax ViewAntler SubwayMar 1991Singleview icon
AS 5043X10(1)RepulsionAntler SubwayMar 1991Albumview icon
AS 5044Voltage ControlAntithesis SongAntler Subway1991Singleview icon
AS 5045Vomito NegroThe New DrugAntler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5046Poésie NoireI Didn't AskAntler SubwayMar 1991Singleview icon
AS 5047D.SignBurning CellsAntler SubwayApr 1991Albumview icon
AS 5048The ArchThe Only ThingAntler SubwayApr 1991Singleview icon
AS 5049The ArchThe Only ThingAntler Subway1991Singleview icon
AS 5050Various ArtistsNew Wave Club Class X 1Antler SubwayJun 1991Albumview icon
AS 5051The OverlordsSundownAntler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5052KlinikStatesAntler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5053Code IndustryStructureAntler SubwayMay 1991Singleview icon
AS 5054Poésie NoireI've Lost A Friend (Remix)Antler Subway1991Singleview icon
AS 5055X10(1)SemblanceAntler SubwayAug 1991Albumview icon
AS 5056Marc VerhaegenFrom Klinik To X10Antler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5057Boris MikulicPhilia PhobiaAntler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5058A Split SecondFlesh & Fire (1991 Remixes)Antler SubwayNov 1991Singleview icon
AS 5059Poésie NoireTabula Rasa - The '91 RemixesAntler SubwayOct 1991Albumview icon
AS 5060Various ArtistsNew Wave Club Class X 2Antler SubwaySep 1991Albumview icon
AS 5061The OverlordsOrganic (Remix)Antler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5062What'sPress Fire To ContinueAntler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5063Various ArtistsAnother World Of Electronic Body Music Volume 3Antler SubwayNov 1991Albumview icon
AS 5064A Split SecondRigor Mortis (1991 Remix)Antler SubwayOct 1991Singleview icon
AS 5065A Split SecondFlesh (1991 Remix)Antler SubwayNov 1991Singleview icon
AS 5066Poésie NoireThe B-WallAntler SubwaySep 1991Singleview icon
AS 5067Department SIs Vic There?Antler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5068X10 & Tec TranceX10 & Tec TranceAntler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5069X10 & Tec TranceSpirit WorldAntler Subway1991Albumview icon
AS 5070Various ArtistsNew Wave Club Class X 3Antler SubwayNov 1991Albumview icon
AS 5071A Split SecondThe Colosseum Crash ('92 Remix)Antler SubwayJun 1992Singleview icon
AS 5072Voltage ControlTo An Undefined PublicAntler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5073Code IndustryYoung Men Coming To PowerAntler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5074Code IndustrySuffer/Crimes Against The PeopleAntler Subway1991Singleview icon
AS 5075The Beautiful BabiesBurn Fire BurnAntler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5076The Beautiful BabiesMy SupremeAntler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5077The Beautiful BabiesShe's UntrueAntler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5078Vomito NegroWake UpAntler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5079KlinikContrastAntler SubwayApr 1993Albumview icon
AS 5080Various ArtistsNew Wave Club Class X 4Antler SubwayOct 1992Albumview icon
AS 5081The Naked ApesBack To CivilizationAntler Subway1993Albumview icon
AS 5082KlinikLiveAntler Subway1993Albumview icon
AS 5083Spine GrinderUnusualAntler Subway1993Albumview icon
AS 5085Various ArtistsNew Wave Class X - The Soft SideAntler Subway1993Albumview icon
AS 5090Various ArtistsNew Wave Club Class X 5Antler Subway1992Albumview icon
AS 5100Various ArtistsNew Wave Club Class X 6Antler SubwaySep 1992Albumview icon
AS 5110Various ArtistsThe Best Of New Wave Club Class XAntler Subway1993Albumview icon
AS 5120Various ArtistsNew Wave Club Class X 7Antler Subway1996Albumview icon
AS 5130Various ArtistsNew Wave Club Class X 8Antler Subway1997Albumview icon
AS 5135Various ArtistsNew Wave Club Class XAntler Subway1997Albumview icon
AS 5140Various ArtistsThe Best Of New Wave Club Class X Volume 2Antler Subway1997Albumview icon
AS 8901Jade 4 URock It To The BoneAntler Subway1989Singleview icon
AS 8902Various ArtistsNew Beat: Made In BelgiumAntler Subway1989Albumview icon
AS 8903Various ArtistsHard Beat - First CutAntler Subway1989Albumview icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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